How to look after your Gizeco plant -more details coming soon!

Whether you have purchased an Aloe Vera, cactus or succulent here you will find some basic tips on keeping your plant happy!

The Haworthiopsis Attenuata 'Zebra plant' is native to the Eastern cape of South Africa. It has pointy leaves and zebra type stripes which when touched feel like bumps or ridges.

Lighting requirements: This plant can tolerate a variety of lighting conditions which make them an ideal houseplant. To keep them really happy try and give them 4-6 hours of bright filtered daily. Though they can survive low or poor lighting for a while they still need a brighter location from time to time.

Soil requirements: The zebra plant also needs a well draining soil: all Gizeco plants have a combination of 50/50 potting mix (which contains a small amount of sand) combined with perlite for added drainage.

Watering requirements: How often you water depends on the conditions in your home. If placed in a humid room like a kitchen or bathroom you may not need to water as much moreso if they do not get as much light. The worst thing you can do though is overwatering which rots the roots. TIP: to take the guesswork out of when you should water your plant the best investment you can make is to purchase a soil moisture sensor meter. This will provide the most accurate reading of how wet or dry the plant soil is and help you to keep your houseplants healthy. They are affordable and start from around £6 upwards.

Common problems: Brown leaves are common cause of sunburn. Zebra plants like bright and filtered light, just move it to a shadier location. Dried tips This is usually due to underwatering, the tips of the leaves will look brown and dried up, when this happens its just a sign that the plant is running low on its water storage and its time to water it. Once watered it should perk up within a day or so.

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