It all began...

At the end of September 2020 after working for over fifteen years in the city of London's square mile I jumped out of my comfort zone and left a full time job to form my own enterprise.

It all started some years ago, when I painted a bottle for some friends and so the inspiration started from there. As an artist I've dabbled in interiors, stencilling, jewellery making, drawing, painting and upcycling old furniture. During lockdown in November 2020, I began glass engraving, so it made sense with this background to pursue a more creative vocation, using all my skills and artistry .

Whether it's recycled, up-cycled, or bought , I'm always on the lookout for glass to work on and friends /family and a local pub are happy to save it for me too which is even better. There is a lot of awareness about what we can do as individuals to make small changes in our lifestyle that have a positive impact overall, on our environment and planet. It was also an easy option for me to up cycle glass from my household waste instead of putting it in my recycling bin.

I am an east London, Leyton based local artist and offer free delivery to postcodes E10, E11 and E17.

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"Gizeco Glass was born out of an idea that grew from wanting to be eco in outlook and practice...the idea of reusing bottles and jars to make artistic and reusable craft ware came from my reluctance to put them in the recycling bin and up-cycle them instead. Engraving was a transition from painting glass and the jewellery I produce by hand is an extension and development of what started as a hobby working with crystal beads some years ago"...

Gizella Futak

December 2023

The Process

All recycled glass used is sourced locally, sanitised using either a handheld steam cleaner

or hot soapy water, cut, sanded, and wiped over with rubbing alcohol, before I go to work with the decoration.

Upcycled glass is sourced only in the UK, the more local the better.

Before I work on any piece of glass I either sketch an idea first or I go direct to decoration.

After decoration with acrylic water based paints or engraving, the glass is washed again.

Once complete it's stored in its final packaging boxed and ready for sale.

Painted glass is heat treated to 'cure' the decoration

so that the design adheres to the glass and can can withstand wear and tear.

Jewellery items such as the glass stud earrings are hypoallergenic

and made of a combination of 304 stainless steel in either gold or silver.

Drop earrings have ear wires in 925 sterling silver, with a silver plated head pin.

The wire used is either made of sterling silver or silver plated with a copper inner core.

All beads in my jewellery are made of glass whether they are seed beads,

crystal or just plain coloured glass.

New designs are created by engraving plain crystal beads and then embellishing them with metallic wax

For pendants and other items I use a combination of large and small coloured glass pebbles.

Engraved jewellery is finished off by rubbing in a metallic wax to enhance the design.

Once completed finished jewellery is packaged in biodegradable , compostable,

eco cellophane/tissue paper/cardboard boxes.

I make everything by hand and enjoy every creative moment in the process.


Nowadays we are bombarded with plastic.

It's in everything and everywhere, from our fruit and veg 'sweating' in plastic bags to the packaging that household consumables are wrapped in.

We know it's filling our oceans and destroying our wild life, yet worldwide, governments are slow to pass legislation banning use of harmful plastic and manufacturers are slow to switch to compostable and environmentally friendly eco packaging.

Gizeco's box and paper packaging and filling is 100% biodegradable and compostable including the compostable cellophane used for all jewellery.

If you don't have a composter. Please reuse where you can before putting the packaging in your recycling bin.

The labels I use currently are BPA free only however, they are suitable for recycling.

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Turning everyday glass objects into beautiful, eye-catching products through artistic and sustainable means...


All designs are my own inspired from my travels abroad, British wild flora as well as my garden,

I also conduct research sometimes making a rough sketch first.

I do commissioned pieces involving flowers, plants, in fact anything botanical and I'm also willing to try out anything new. If you are looking for something bespoke and have a commission in mind please drop me an email at: [email protected].  


Gizeco Glass